100 Ways to Say No: How to Stop Saying Yes When You Mean No

Nicole Monente


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100 Ways to Say No: How to Stop Saying Yes When You Mean No by Monente, Nicole
Regular price $17.99
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Do you find yourself saying yes when you really want to say no?

From the creator of the popular Instagram account Scribbles by Nicole comes this collection of funny and relatable illustrated "scenari-nos" for overcoming your inner people pleaser, setting appropriate boundaries, and getting to no.

Recognizing it's not always easy to say no, Nicole takes readers through real-life examples familiar to anyone who has found themselves saying yes when they really didn't want to, providing guidance on how to:

  • Say no effectively and appropriately in any situation
  • Use techniques that come naturally to make saying no as stress-free as possible
  • Fend off unwanted invitations nicely but firmly
  • Set healthy boundaries with loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues
  • Tell yourself no when you need to
  • Let go of guilt, worry, and regrets and do what's right for you

Everyone needs healthy boundaries--let this charming book help you set them and make learning to say no much easier.

"I will be keeping this book permanently on my desk for daily guidance!"
--Mari Andrew, New York Times-bestselling author of Am I There Yet? and My Inner Sky

Publisher: Spruce Books
Published: 01/10/2023
Pages: 144
Weight: 0.75lbs
Size: 7.10h x 6.10w x 0.70d
ISBN: 9781632174437

About the Author
Nicole Monente shares her musings at @scribblesbynicole, where she's captured the hearts and minds of a significant following with her clever, introspective, and ultra-relatable drawings. Nicole approaches heavy topics with humor, lightheartedness and insight. When she's not doodling, Nicole can be found laughing, crying, or desperately looking for her phone to jot down her next idea before she forgets it.