A Manual For Manifesting Your Dream Life: How To Use Your Superpower To Manifest Your Desires

Eric John Campbell


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A Manual For Manifesting Your Dream Life: How To Use Your Superpower To Manifest Your Desires by Campbell, Eric John
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Manifest Your Dream Life: How to redirect your energy towards manifesting your highest potential

The Universe always gives you exactly what you need to manifest your highest potential life. Everything you desire is wanted because it's within your power and destiny to manifest it. You're the dreamer you've been looking for and manifesting your dream life is how you're able to best heal and inspire the world.

In this potent book you'll be reminded of your superpower of focused attention and how you can consciously use this power of yours to manifest everything your heart most deeply desires.

Publisher: Grounded Grove Publishing
Published: 10/22/2021
Pages: 90
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Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.22d
ISBN: 9781087991023

About the Author
Campbell, Eric John: - Eric's journey started with a love for business as a kid that led him to live around the world, connecting with other like-minded people. After living in 8 countries, he had a sudden spiritual awakening during the middle of the night where he began channeling words such as, wake up, it's all energy.This spiritual awakening led Eric down a path of synchronicities where he completely gave up the business path and went all-in on his spiritual practices. After attending a never-ending list of spiritual classes from clairvoyant training, to breathwork, and crystal reiki meditation, Eric found his calling in the dance of life as an Author.Now Eric spends his time writing books that empower you to reach your Soul's Highest Potential and has gained a large following on the social media app TikTok where he's sharing excerpts from his books.