Boil the Frog

Dennis McVicker


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Boil the Frog by McVicker, Dennis
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The primary appeal that Boil the Frog will have, for most people grabbing it off the shelf or off the internet, will be the step-by-step guide on how to lose the weight you want to lose. However, this book will actually surprise you about how it dives deep into the very depths of your mind to find where you got lost and show you how to come back, even from addiction.

It will show you how to find who you were before the world told you different and about why you behave a certain way, but most importantly, it will show you how you can fix it. Boil the Frog shows you how to strip all that away and become the person you were supposed to be, to be the best version of yourself.

Take this book home for the weight loss, it really can help you with that, but keep it as a guide for life in general and pay it forward. Help others as it helped you, share your success, and together we can all become the best versions of ourselves.

Publisher: Page Publishing
Published: 07/31/2023
Pages: 150
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Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.41d
ISBN: 9781662478895

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