Gwelf: The Survival Guide

Larry Macdougall


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Gwelf: The Survival Guide by Macdougall, Larry
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We welcome and encourage tourists of all kinds in Gwelf. The survival guide will tell you what to expect, what equipment to pack, who to trust and hire as a guide, and where to rest for the night in this magical land steeped in history and mystery.

Indeed, so charming and wondrous is Gwelf that occasionally tourists decide to stay and become citizens, joining the ranks of the border patrol; settling in a town as a merchant, artist, or voyeur; or simply retiring to the country or farmlands.

Tragically, there have been some that have stayed, but not by choice. We, the council, fear that this has cast a negative light on our beauteous realm. Rest assured that should you follow the precautions outlined in our guide, you will be quite safe, as it is the council's intention to provide this book as a resource so that future mishaps might be avoided . . .

Larry MacDougall has done that thing--created a fantasy world that is completely believable, super charming, and more than a little bit dangerous. I love it so much. I want to wander around in it but wouldn't want to get caught alone in it after dark.

-- Mike Mignola

Publisher: Eye of Newt Books
Published: 08/31/2021
Pages: 136
Weight: 2.3lbs
Size: 10.16h x 10.08w x 0.79d
ISBN: 9781777081737

About the Author

Larry MacDougall entered the commercial art world approximately thirty years ago and has been very busy ever since. He began working for gaming publishers, contributing work to many projects in the Dungeons and Dragons, fantasy tabletop role playing vein. Larry was content with this work for many years but gradually the games began to take on a violent and darker tone. This is when he decided to leave the gaming world and cross over to children's publishing where he illustrated many books for publishers both in Canada and abroad. For the last fifteen years, Larry has been working as an animation designer, book illustrator, environment and character designer for games, and fine artist making personal art for private clients. He has also been dreaming up the world of Gwelf.
Now he is embarking on that adventure and inviting you to come along.