Herbalism: Plants and Potions That Heal

Adrian White


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Herbalism: Plants and Potions That Heal by White, Adrian
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Discover the art of herbal healing with this charming gold-embossed guide, decorated with gilded page-edges.

Did you know that stinging nettles are a natural anti-inflammatory? Or that pine sap can clean wounds or be used as a mouth wash? Or that hops can help your digestion?

From Aloe Vera to Valerian, expert herbalist Adrian White introduces the uses of plants and herbs in medicinal healing, spirituality and magick. She covers the fascinating history of herbalism in different cultures across the world how plant medicines have since been integrated into modern medicine. A mini Materia Medica is also included, enabling readers to identify the most common plants in this practice and how to use them at home in teas, infused oils, salves and balms.

Learn to:
- Identify herbs
- Harvest and prepare them
- Use them in recipes and cooking

With beautiful illustrations, Wibilin binding and a stunning gold-embossed cover design, this hardback reference guide makes a perfect gift for yourself or others to explore the fascinating art of herbalism.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Sirius Hidden Knowledge Series explores some of the most fascinating subjects in modern alternative thought and practice. Written by experts and renowned practitioners in their respective fields, this series brings the latest in developments in everything from spiritual development to alternative health. These delightful hardback editions are presented with gold embossed cover designs and gilded page edges.

Publisher: Sirius Entertainment
Published: 11/01/2022
Pages: 208
Weight: 0.56lbs
Size: 6.80h x 4.55w x 0.73d
ISBN: 9781398820944

About the Author

Adrian White has studied, practiced, and deeply researched herbalism approaches for nearly a decade, completing two herbalism study programs and apprenticeships back in 2012. Since then her writing work (predominantly informed by research) can be found all over the web for leading health, wellness, and supplement sites, including Healthline and WebMD. She has even consulted with supplement companies on the formulation and ingredients of some of their products.
Besides her writing, Adrian enjoys recipe craft and formulating herbal products from foods and herbs she grows on her sustainable small operation, Jupiter Ridge Farm. Her writing work on agriculture and sustainability is also notable with work appearing in publications like The Guardian, Civil Eats, Rodale's Organic Life, Good Housekeeping, and many others on these subjects. Learn more about her work and projects at www.iowaherbalist.com
Instagram: jupiterridgefarm
Twitter: @iowaherbalist
Facebook: jupiterridgefarm