The Incredible Animal Afterlife: What Your Pet Wants You to Know

Danielle MacKinnon


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The Incredible Animal Afterlife: What Your Pet Wants You to Know by MacKinnon, Danielle
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From renowned Animal Communicator Danielle MacKinnon comes a rare glimpse into how animals experience the dying process and the afterlife - from the animal's point of view.

Based on 20 years of intuitive readings, Danielle dispels the commonly held beliefs that keep people stuck in grief and guilt by sharing what the animals have psychically communicated with her about their death.

Unlike other books on animal death, The Incredible Animal Afterlife doesn't retell stories of animals passing. Instead, it offers an in-depth and easy-to-understand account of what the animals have shared with Danielle in thousands of animal communication readings.

In her accessible and compassionate way, Danielle delivers the messages your pet wants you to know: they're not mad at you or lost forever. They're still present, sending you signs, and hoping to connect with you.

In The Incredible Animal Afterlife: What Your Pet Wants You To Know, Danielle will share what the animals have communicated to her through thousands of psychic readings, including:

How your beloved friend experiences the dying process and how the afterlife really works (you'll be pleasantly surprised)

Whether your pet is ready to cross over and how to identify the signs.

The spiritual experience your animal's soul goes through as they cross over.

How your pet views your part in their death and what they want you to know.

The signs your pet is sending you from the afterlife, and how to continue actively nurturing a deep relationship with them.

As she writes, "I've seen that gaining a spiritual understanding of the animal death and dying process can assist with a lot of the loneliness, pain, and hurt. This understanding won't magically heal all grief. Still, it will soften the edges and provide a roadmap for connecting with your beloved pet again."

Publisher: Danielle MacKinnon MacKinnon Media, Inc.
Published: 04/30/2023
Pages: 102
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ISBN: 9798218084042