The Legend of the Linden: A History of Slovakia

Zuzana Palovic and Gabriela Bereghazyova


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The Legend of the Linden: A History of Slovakia by Palovic, Zuzana
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This book takes you on an emotional journey deep into the Slovak and Slavic inner world. Follow the trail that opens your eyes to the magical realm guarded by the Linden tree and its sacred heart-shaped leaf. It is a code that carries the story of the people born at the crossroads of worlds.

Publisher: Hybrid Global Publishing
Published: 11/30/2020
Pages: 234
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ISBN: 9781951943264

About the Author
Palovic, Zuzana: - Dr Zuzana Palovic is a three-time published author, academic, Central Eastern European and migration expert, and founder of the non-governmental organization, Global Slovakia. Born during the final years of the Iron Curtain, Zuzana family fled the communist regime as political refugees, before becoming naturalized citizens in Canada. A child of communism that was raised in freedom, Zuzana implicitly understands and embodies the perspectives of both worlds. Her know-how has been further enriched by her international experience, having lived in ten countries across four continents. Dr Palovic studied at institutions in the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and completed her PhD in Eastern European migration at the University of Surrey. Her work delves deeply into the Central and Eastern European context, examining the critical cultural, emotional, mental and spiritual structures for a full and holistic analysis of her subject. She argues that 'mental revolution' constitutes the 'final frontier of transition' and, like President Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, the visionary founding father of Czechoslovakia, Dr Palovic advocates that societal change comes with a shift in individual consciousness. If there is no 'freeing of minds', then the newly freed societies at Europe's Eastern border will remain 'democracies without democrats'. Dr Palovic actively shares her rich experience and intimate knowledge, working closely with key contacts in Eastern European governments, institutions and businesses. She is the founder of the non-governmental organization, Global Slovakia. Amongst her many presentations, she has spoken at the Slovak Institute in Moscow, the Slovak Embassy in London, Oxford University, New York's Bohemian National Hall, as well as the Slovak Embassy in Washington DC, the Library of Moscow's Institute of Slavic Cultures, Chicago's Benedictine University and the Slovak Institute in Prague. In 2018, Dr Palovic travelled at the invitation of the Slovak President on a government delegation to New York and Chicago, where she presented her second book 'The Great Return' in the presence of President Andrej Kiska, the Slovak Ambassador to Washington, members of the diplomatic corps and distinguished individuals from the Czech and Slovak cultural and business community of the United States.Bereghazyova, Gabriela: - Gabriela was born in socialist Czechoslovakia and grew up in the transitional Slovakia amid the political, social, cultural and psychological remnants of the communist regime. Fascination with the marks that the ideology left on the minds of people brought her to the United Kingdom to study Slovak mentality at world-leading universities. This is where she completed her doctorate. A scholar in corruption, Dr Bereghazyova's work masterfully captures the challenges, falls and successes of a metamorphosing Eastern Europe. These are presented against the historic backdrop of the complicated region. All in all, Gabriela pieces together an intricate puzzle by relating the present with the all too often unacknowledged past. Her work deepens our understanding of the challenges faced by societies in transition. She is also passionate about uncovering the ancient and all too often forgotten roots of the region. Dr. Gabriela Bereghazyova actively employs her expert known and six years of post-graduate research in her consultancy and global bridge-building efforts. She has presented the insights of her academic and literary work at prestigious platforms, including Sandhurst College in the United Kingdom, the Bohemian National Hall in New York, the Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow and the Slovak Institute in Prague.