William Is a Weirdo

Kyle The Captain Creek and Christopher Creek


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William Is a Weirdo by Creek, Kyle The Captain
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WILLIAM IS A WEIRDO is, above all else, a story about the triumph of being oneself. After all, being ourselves is perhaps the hardest thing that any of us will ever have to do.

This joyful, rhythmic picture book takes us through William's first day of school, as he comes to realize that he does things differently than the rest of his classmates. By the end of the day, William is feeling a little defeated by his differences, but that's when he meets up with a character who's short in stature but large in wisdom. After their conversation, William comes to realize that being a "weirdo" is what makes him an individual, and all the weird things that he likes to do are exactly what make him, well, William.

Although it might be hard at times--in the end, weirdos win--because there's power in not fitting in.

Publisher: Imagine
Published: 08/29/2023
Pages: 36
Weight: 0.6lbs
Size: 8.10h x 8.10w x 0.30d
ISBN: 9781955690508
Age: Ages 4-8