Heal. Grow. Love.

Pierre Alex Jeanty and Carla DuPont


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Written with love and soul, "Heal. Grow. Love." is a collection of poetry and prose penned to fuel your healing while inspiring you to grow and love. Pierre Jeanty has an amazing way of giving life to words that will enter the deepest part of you and gently coax to become better. Whether you're working on your self-love, adding building blocks on your self-confidence, grieving a loss, looking for inspiration to bury the past or just seeking to expand your mind and pour more into your soul "Heal. Grow. Love." will be the perfect addition to your bookshelf.

If you're looking to go deeper, heal from old wounds and keep your eyes on a stronger you, and prepare your heart for love, this poetry collection will drive you to think, reflect, and most importantly feel.


the scars sink into your skin,

The wounds become stories,

The pain cannot remember your name.


it all gets cast into the back of your mind.

- It's not meant to stay

Publisher: Jeanius Publishing LLC
Published: 01/19/2021
Pages: 164
Weight: 0.37lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.35d
ISBN: 9781949191158