No More Gold Stars: Regenerating Capacity to Think for Ourselves

Carol Sanford, Tom Peters, and Tyson Yunkaporta


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Challenge the old paradigm of rewards and feedback, and ignite real motivation from within.

In the complex worlds of business and entrepreneurship, change agents deal with formidable challenges to build effective systems. From resistance to change to refining the art of leadership theory, the modern practice for motivating individuals has ensured that humans no longer think for themselves or question what they are told. The popular psychology of using rewards, punishment, and feedback undermines not just our personal growth but the very fabric of life and living systems.

We must stop doubling down on the old ways of doing things and adopt a radically different idea about education, motivation, and change.

Award-winning author and business disruptor Carol Sanford urgently proposes a smarter, faster, and deeper key to unlock a future of profound creativity and success. Drawing lessons from First Nations cultures, ancient wisdom, and quantum science, Sanford offers how we can ignite a revolution in our consciousness, influencing everything from personal decisions to cultural change. No More Gold Stars allows you to challenge prevailing theories, promote a holistic understanding of education and change, and redefine the way we approach our work and the results we seek.

In this highly engaging guide, explore:

  • Six disciplines fostering independent thinking-a fundamental shift in how we educate and lead change.
  • An illustrative case story showcasing transformative change in businesses, communities, and cultures.
  • Intermezzo exercises-your guides to hands-on exploration of innovative ideas.
  • Developmental practices for effective change leadership-a start-up for people seeking a new way to navigate complex business decisions.
  • A revolutionary approach to challenging and transforming the old system of conditioning and control-shaping human-focused organizations for more extraordinary outcomes.

Carol Sanford offers a highly innovative, experience-based, and practical antidote to outdated models. If you want to make a difference in your field and achieve extraordinary results, this book is your guide. Let No More Gold Stars lead you on a journey to regenerate your capacity to think for yourself and inspire change today.

Publisher: Interoctave, Inc.
Published: 09/14/2023
Pages: 222
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Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.51d
ISBN: 9780989301381