Numbers: To Infinity and Beyond

Oliver Linton


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Numbers: To Infinity and Beyond by Linton, Oliver
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What are numbers? Where do they come from? Are there different kings of number? Why was Pythagoras fascinated by triangular and square numbers? Is there a link between perfect numbers and primes? In this enlightening illustrated pocket book, mathemagician Oliver Linton reveals the wonderful world of numbers, visiting the questions and answers of great number theorists along the way, from Euclid to Euler, Fibonacci to Fermat, and Archimedes to Gauss. No calculator needed!
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Publisher: Wooden Books
Published: 03/15/2022
Pages: 64
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Size: 6.60h x 5.50w x 0.40d
ISBN: 9781952178221

About the Author
Linton, Oliver: - Oliver Linton is a mathematics and science teacher based in Cumbria, UK. He is also the author of FRACTALS in the Wooden Books Now retired, his hobbies include writing articles on many subjects for his website