Sly Fox Hollow

Brett T. Allen


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William "Bomber" Merridan is a small-town grocery store manager by day and a monster hunter by night. While Bigfoot is sexier, Bomber's passion is for the legendary Michigan Dogman.

Connie Hayes is Fox Hollow's first-ever female Sheriff, not to mention the first Native American to hold the powerful position. Now, only months into her new role, she faces no shortage of obstacles from a town used to her patriarchal predecessor.

Normally, these two would mix like oil and water, but when the town mayor is brutally killed, Connie and Bomber set off to find who or what is behind the slaughter. Not everyone in Fox Hollow sees the mayor's death as a tragedy, though. In a rush to fill the mayor's seat, two polarizing local politicians use fear of the Dogman to stoke tensions and turn the once peaceful community into a cauldron of hostility, distrust, and political tribalism. As Connie hunts the killer and Bomber hunts his weird, regionally-specific werewolf, they uncover the truth of Fox Hollow's murky past, a century-old curse, and a sinister plot that could leave the town in ruins.

Publisher: Hogwash Writing, LLC
Published: 08/08/2023
Pages: 370
Weight: 1.19lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.82d
ISBN: 9798988115205